So Far,So Good

New life in UTP where today marks the significant 1st day of this semester: Starting from a scrap,I had no friends from my batch,new lecturers,new room,new way to survive in this place,so far,so good.

Today was a fairytale,nonononono.In fact,I didn’t sleep well last night,the reason is most probably due to the anxiety I had toward the new life ahead. I am taking minor in management this semester,covering courses which is not related at all to engineering stream.Hence,needless to explain;it is a hyper big challenge to me.

Eating breakfast mindlessly(anyway,you use brain when eat meh?) and sipping coffee to push myself awake.

I cycling to first class half an hour before the lecture commerce and found out I am so worry about what will I be seen on the class,STRANGERS’ FACES perhaps?

Yes I was right,there was nobody that looks familiar to me in the class.I try to smile to some of them when I entered the room and find a place to sit,uneasily waiting for more people to come. And Lecturer was in,finally,Mr.Abu Bakar. He is a very talkative lecturer teaching us Principles Of Marketing. He did gave a lot of examples to us during his lecture and tell us,everything need marketing.In my opinion,he use his marketing strategy in introducing this subject to us,which is a very nice approach.

Oh yeah,he suddenly asked me what kind of Shampoo I used for the sake of one of his example(I used Tracia,but I shout Pantene instead),which blushed me a lot.Since I am the youngest in the class, I am not really dare to talk because this act make me looks tender in front of seniors.Lastly,I only get to know one new friend at the end of the lecture,Chong Wei from Final Year,a nice,confident and handsome senior!

Without even a break,I rushed to second class of the day,Principles Of Finance where was two blocks away from the previous.Luckily,our chubby chubby lecturer just arrived few minutes before me.Alison was there,happy to see her to be in same class.The class was packed with people and most of them are seniors taking minor in management too.Hence,the two hour class was started with the introduction of the students.I found out the class covering students from first year first sem until final year final sem,a huge range!

The class never bored until lecturer start teaching.Financing is a big problem to me and what I learn today is,this subject duel with decision making in a company which maximize the wealth of the stakeholder.Seniors asking financing problem like experts and I listening blur blur>.<I know that this will be the hardest course for me this sem judging from the notes,anyway,just work hard for it,I believe I can do it!

Next,still rushing without a break,I was on my way to the following class,Management And Organizational Behaviour. Surprisingly,I saw Kelvinder,Parvanjeet and Izzah were in the class.Finally have some batchmates!We chit chat like chipmunks until the lecturer was there.A female lecturer finally woots! Puan Nonie are a lecturer who had been teaching in UTP for 10 years and her wise smile showed us that she is pro in communicate with others. She called us to introduced ourself one by one,telling us that she can judge us by our action,and the class flow smoothly,I got to love this courses along the semester,I know it.

And finally can walk sluggishly like a snail because I have 2 hours break before next class. Taking voucher for my friends who are on break,yeah happy.

Finally we had our last class in this hectic day,Business Accounting which is my top favourite. I had a deep enthusiasm in account since my secondary school and now I got the chance to fulfill my dream in study deeper in this subject,I am such a lucky person! Once again,we had a female lecturer Puan Hezlina.She is not as easygoing as Puan Nonie but still,she is kind and friendly in serious tone. She deliver the first lecture to us and I happily found out that was almost what we had learnt in Prinsip Perakaunan.By that,my mood was so high.

Another arising issue is when we was choosing the class representative,Robert and Kelvinder were both nominated,but they both try to reject it with plenty of reasons,expecially Robert.At the end,we still choose him as the chosen one,hahaha.I got to know another new Indian female friend,Kaya who really have a delicious name!We all had a lot of fun time together in this class,hope to keep it up!

That’s all for my update,a truly different experiences from previous 5 semester.I know that I will used to it one day later and today was a good beginning instead of what I predicted.In short for my brand new life: So far,so good.


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