Our Hatayi

It was few months back when some of us were talking about Hatyai. The next second, we were at KL Sentral waiting for the departure of ETS to the border town of Perlis. “Hatayi”. An autocorrect from Android had endowed the city with a brand new name; at least that was how we called there upon … More Our Hatayi

Job Rotation

We used to yearn for a change so much that we desperately cling to the faintest rays of hope coming from nowhere and our own hypotheses, but when the news truthfully arrived, we were hopelessly slapped by the drastic adjustment, from where we are now to where we are going to be. … More Job Rotation


I can no longer write on big moments like before, when I realized that what happened around is a consolidation of smaller, insignificant trivia. Things are still going on, but when the recurrence kicked in, when the excitement of first job and further study faded away, what left along is the plainest state of mind you will expect. … More Filler

MBA, Pilot

The class is made of a dynamic range of professions from medic, project manager, engineer, mathematician, merchandiser, property analyst, finance etc, ages from 24-44. Guess who is on the youngest scale? XD … More MBA, Pilot