Hello, welcome to ZIESTA, my official blog where I blast everything here: university life, friendship, love, personal thought, hobbies and useful stuff shared from others. I update in the average frequency of twice per week.

My name is Low Zhen Teng, born in 28 October 1992, in Batu Pahat, a vibrant city sitting in a corner of Malaysia. There are 5 members in my family. I am sort of family-lover which make me always put my priority on them. Being the eldest children in my family, I have two younger sisters. Oh ya, I raise three adorable tortoises since Form 2, and I super duper love them, just like the realationship between Ash and Pikachu, the only difference is they do not know how to use thunderbolt XD

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor Degree Of Civil Engineering in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Perak. This is an university full of energetic people and things carries on everyday. The life is tough yet enjoying. I love this place totally: the lake, the library, the hostel and everywhere else, in specific, I love study rather than working. There are a lot of good friends to go through all kinds of trial and tribulations with me, and I was the type of person that appreciate the friendships developed. Being active in extra-curriculum activities, I had a very wide scope of communication network with others, and I believe it was the factor that I sort of like to deal with people instead of working alone.

Next, I love both writing and taking photos, explaining why I keep a blog. I believe that this is a good path to relieve my mind and make me think deeper. Sometime when I looking back at my past through the photos and words, I will burst into laugh like an idiot, making my roommate worry on me. Loving my life, every moment no matter it is happy or satisfactory, bitter or sad. Currently, I am hoping to have a DSLR camera soon, by the mid of 2013, gotta work harder…

I hope to grow stronger as time goes by, and it need a lot of supports from my family and friends. ZIESTA will be a place where the sphere of my life being jotted down tinge by tinge. I know, this will be a long journey, full of anticipation and unknown, love and joy 🙂