Job Rotation

We used to yearn for a change so much that we desperately cling to the faintest rays of hope coming from nowhere and our own hypotheses, but when the news truthfully arrived, we were hopelessly slapped by the drastic adjustment, from where we are now to where we are going to be.

Here is what happened on the day we received the short notice on job rotation.

It was a fine Friday morning at January, two days ago.

Everything seems to be as normal as an early weekend can possibly be. Then, rumors started to kick in that seeding executive from other department had gotten the email on the job rotation. Specifically, the email informed on the people who will be swapping role and names from our department were obviously being called out.

The news was like an assortment of dominoes triggered from the beginning piece, once started, it was unstoppable. Out of nowhere, you realized that you are part of it.

Our section was soon warming out with excitement, confusion and dilemma. Running around, everyone was turned on by the bombshell dropped by capability unit. Sawing friends’ names appeared on the list made me feel uneasy and unsure. To certain extent, we knew it is coming and pretty confirmed that everyone’s name is going to be in the list, as a matter of time. But at the same time, thinking on the possibilities made me nervous.

It was Friday afternoon where we had extra one hour lunch break. Adam, Farid, Jie, Yus, Qilah and myself went to NU Sentral for lunch. The discussion was continued along the way. From what we understood, the email will be sent to the managers. Me and Jie did try to approach our manager but she replied that she did not have access to the mail temporary.

Nevertheless, Four Finger was a yum.

We sluggishly took LRT back to the office, waiting for things to take place.

As of the remaining of the days, seeding from the department had progressively received email from the authority on the job rotation. Unlike last wave in past April, this time around it was a well diversified arrangement. I remembered when my email arrived at 4pm, myself and Adam rushed to Jie’s place to witness where will we being assigned to. Can’t exactly comment on the new position, but it felt almost incredible to see how your destiny being predetermined, too surreal when it stroke us.

I know, job rotation is good because it is a best chance for one to be exposed with different job function and forced to adapt to new environment. In facts, I have no objection and more than willing to accept the challenge.

Regardless, the feeling was kind of heart-wrenching knowing that your closest circle who had been with you for 15 months since the beginning will be teared apart in distance. It sounds exaggerated as we were still under the same entity, but thinking back on how far we had came through together, I am going to miss the good times so much.

Perhaps this is exactly the sad truth of growing up, but it shall take me forever to learn.

The rest of the day was a calm of mind knowing that the occurrence will not be stopped despite our acceptance or retaliation. We hung out as usual on the Friday night at Tapak, playing UNO as though nothing ever happened. Going back home with an exhausted mind, I bid adieu with the gang and gone separate way at LRT station.

Maybe many years later, or soon, we will once again back to square one to serve the same purpose at a remote place, maybe not. But I believe that when the time comes, we will then be a better person than who we were now, after going through the trials and tribulations from all these rotations.

You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way again.
-Azar Nafisi

As the saying of our head of department, we are the ambassadors of this place, no matter where we will be departing to, we always carry part of here, in becoming a greater person.
I saw my part, and it was loaded with knowledge I gained and people I trust.

Too early for a farewell note? Nah, there won’t be farewell as nobody really leave.

It was a fine Friday morning of January, what a day.


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