MBA, Pilot

That feeling of going back to school after one whole year of working is definitely splendid and fantabulous. Imagine that excitement and swarm of butterfly in your stomach anticipating plenty of uncertainties lying upfront; people you may meet and things that you never got the chance to explore.

Enrolling in Master In Business Administration had been a long plan since few years back. It doesn’t matter whether will this progress my career but I know if I miss the timing now it might cost a life time to remorse later. UTM is among the best option available with comprehensive information and competitive pricing for the tuition fee.

Hence, here I am, newly finished the first two days of classes with a blast for being a student again.

Four subjects for the first sem: Marketing, Economy, Accounting and Business Ethics. First day of the class featured a lost in the building and long search for class venue. Met Ipin at Lv.9 and managed to find a way out. Room 1, found a place next to Azizi who I used to know on registration day with another lady, Moon sitting right to me.

The class was filling up soon. Next, our 68 years old wise-looking professor requested a brief introduction of the class. We went one round with everybody background and experience. The class is made of a dynamic range of professions from medic, project manager, engineer, mathematician, merchandiser, property analyst, finance etc, ages from 24-44. Guess who is the youngest? XD

From first impression, this small group of people made me looking forward to the chemistry to be developed. Nevertheless, everyone in the room have the same goal to be pursued. Looking around, it was kind of relieved to have people who will be stuck with you on all the weekends in two years’ time.

The class content is pretty heavy itself considering it is a full day 9am-6pm class. It almost feels like the company training but the difference is you can never empty the brain after the class was dismissed. There was a break for both days but all the café caterers were on break. We ended up with walking to outside of the campus but great to get to know more people during the lunch.

Second day of class was heavier considering economy is a super intensive topic. The class atmosphere was slowly building up and the interaction was hyper engaging as compared to degree classes. Culminated the day with GST sharing and heavy rain pouring over to commemorate how heavy the weekend was.

Testimonial: I know this will be great, may get tired and frustrated along the way, but I’m pumped up and all in for the challenges ahead. Road to master, here we go.




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