What I Might Have Become

If you asked me what had I achieved in career over the past one year, I can either bluffing away with plenty of fun and untold office tales, or wrap it up with things that are not-so-great but carrying a lot of meanings to me.


I live as a Procurement workforce in the Boat. Being part of the functional unit which carries more than one thousand five hundred crews alone, we manage the supply chain chunks of the big operation; sourcing, contract management, governance, licensing and category management.

I know, this is new and nobody ain’t gonna talk about What I Didn’t Become anymore.

I started off small and assigned with routine roles which rather emphasize on system. Instruction is clear: going to work, switching on the PC and clearing off the tray. The workload is relatively unpredictable but manageable. Being attached to a department which roles largely depend on volatility of economy, then only we realize life ain’t that easy and ad-hoc assignments keep coming to challenge your problem-solving skill. That was indeed a tricky part due to too much human involved and human are the most interesting and contradicting creatures you will ever encounter.

Nevertheless, these things add up to make the job a great one. At the end of the day, one may questioned that what had oneself contributed. Most of the time we found out that the answer is insignificant, yet at the same time it represents how much potential and growth that one can gain along the way.

To certain extent of this tenure, I was once offered with opportunity to go back to where I supposedly to be. After much struggle, decision was made to move on and stay at this field. Giving up on big fortune is tough, too bad guts had taken over and ruled. Working with the boat makes you realized that this is a place where dream can be built and crushed instantly, but it’s never about your dream, its about you.

Bottom line is, people make choices, be it a reckless decision or meticulous execution, that’s what makes life beautiful.

Apparently the level of motivation are too dam high up there, let’s talk about people I met.

Lucky enough to get old friends and new friends at similar ages within the workplace, putting in these people together it makes a pact who had become a significant part in work. Imaging the notorious breakfast club, makan apa, afterwork lepak and leisurely always tak jadi weekend buddy all comes in one. They are friends for life, people who started the career together and trying to puzzle out the future in a steady pace.

Thanks bro and sis, life will be so dull without the geng.

There are also plenty of helpful seniors and colleagues who give genuine guidance and share insight on how to survive through the storms. In all cases, world is big, experiences are golden.

I know that I may have talked too much today but a year of working definitely worth one page of nagging. In short, it was a blast and I appreciated the developments so far. It may not be what I expected initially but I must admit that it opens up a new frontier.

Perhaps many years later, I might have gathered enough courage to write on What I Had Become.

Nevertheless, happy one year anniversary Luke! Way to go.


What do you think?

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