Final Year Project

The last two semester in UTP drifted away too fast, all of sudden we are approaching the finishing line. One of the most notable academic stuffs is definitely Final Year Project.

My FYP did on corrosion study, not the real one but involving model simulation in SACS. At least it was something continued from my internship project.

Under the supervision from Dr. Kurian and Ir. Mubarak, everything was so smooth all the way. Really proud to be able to work closely with both lecturer. All the kind assistance, guidance and the learning from their working styles was something priceless. I am glad that toward the end I did developed bond and feeling sad for the completion of this course.


Too bad there is no SEDEX for this semester, we had a blast during the inter-department poster presentation today. Everyone was nicely dressed up and boosted up with confidences for the show. From the event, I got best FYP award in the structure and material cluster, hope that it was something for me to show my gratitude to the SVs.

Anyway, what remaining in FYP are Technical Paper and Viva Presentationdownload
, it is going to be 100% from me to finish this subject.

Less than a month until graduation, see ya there.


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