Wild Well Wealth

Well, the last stream of living allowance came in this morning. Throughout these 5 years, PETRONAS had fed me really well with the monthly tips of six hundreds bucks, not mentioning other one-time and yearly allowances.

I felt really grateful for that and hope it will will never stop, but of course it did.

People said you shouldn’t expose your vulnerability in public, but I admitted that I am really poor in money management, in some instances struggled to make ends’ meet.

I always find a wonder from friends who got the same yet managed to save some par. I know I am starting it late, but its time for me to plan my financial standing in a long term perspective. I am all ready to handle my personal expense meticulously and adopted saving as a habit.

Hence, please do not hesitate to stop me if you see me splurging or being opulent.

I am thinking of investing in stock photography after graduated while waiting for placement, been doing a lot of research and hopefully it helps.

Nevertheless, I am so going to start earning salary from my job and contribute, armed!

Too much aspirations to be achieved, before that, in the first place let see will me overspend this month.

Alright, challenge accepted! XD


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