Life Is..

Life is a random road trip
Watching the morning sun flare casting on our faces
Pulling up at an unknown food stall for breakfast
Occasionally get lost in nowhere
Doing stupid things and laughs like there is no tomorrow
As long as having these silly people together


Which defined that adventurous Sunday we had.
Life is a 3-hours sudden black out
When the power was off and internet was gone
When you finally slide the curtains aside
To let the light in
And lit up the things you may have neglected
As though a small little book
Which reminded on how you once
Judged the book by its cover
While deeply absorbed into the world of words
A great story after all


Which took place on the sweltering Monday afternoon.
Life is a moon cycle yet to be completed
So close yet so far
Listening to the time that drifted you apart
Leave you undone and homesicked
Beneath the same moon
Let’s held up the bottles for being young forever
As well as some catchy lines from ’Teenage Dream‘
Be it a hot-boiled memory, be it us


To resemblance that breezy Tuesday night at the park.
Life is a celebration
Hit the bottom
Listening your favourite songs from the live band
With a birthday cake twist at the end
Served along with surprised expressions from the chosen one
Best part of life. Always


Not a ladies‘ night Weds, we have plenty of gentlemen.
Life is a Pot Of Luck
You got a list of ingredients ready
But still ended up buying so many extra unhealthy items
Good or bad will eventually be digested
Alongside with laughter and bitterness
Sumptuous with a chance of meat balls


Which feed us on the contented Thursday night.
Life is a farewell to friend
You learned to wave like a grown-up
And gave a hug like a kid
From inside you know this is not the last time
But as time goes by you learned to appreciate
By every chance we bid adieu
The time together are slowly fading away
Until we meet again, take care


As we saw the train chugging away on Friday morning.
Life is a valentine’s day.
You may have found the right person to spend the day
You may not
But it was just another ordinary day in 365
A gimmick of mind
Before the right person stepped into your life
Perhaps some personal time is what you need
To treat yourself good and make some good foods


On that lonely yet joyful Saturday.
Life is all. You do not need a bizarre or dramatic plot
*Just a Kitkat will do
Here comes Sunday and we were backed to square one
Perhaps thing will not get easier
But it will definitely get better
Let it pass and who know great things are on their way
All the best and stay happy
Sometime you don’t even know the reason for being poetic
Perhaps graduation in 3 months time made people sentimental
No matter what
Have a great life ahead.

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