Kim Jie’s 23

So over the past few days cement, Jenny and me had been planning for Kim Jie’s big day celebration.

We thought of throwing him some sort of extraordinary surprise, thereby we had lot of fun finding information, buying stuff, watching and choosing porn together while wrapping the present all together.

Here is the main present:


But how can that be adequate, we add some boost to it with supplement:


It was kind of awkward for buying it in the mall, thankfully I am not the one who pay at counter :p

In conjunction with final year final semester, we nevertheless offer a new course to him with a tutorial CD from reliable source.
The selection process is golden.


And here come the climax of the presents, where it took some effort for DIY and testing.

Spongebob cutting sponge
Comparison with online product
Softness Test
Penetration Test

Here is the final product overview:


It come with free gift some more:


To wrap up, here is the stuff:

From the combination, now you know that the intention of the belt is not that naive

In conspiracy with all the coursemates, we post a fake news on fb group last night regarding a fake class announcement to be conducted on today morning. We personally notify everyone except Kim Jie on the plan. This morning, Jenny, Bobby and me was at the venue earlier while Seh Hui slowly guided Kim Jie to class as usual. Then we popped up with the cake and cheerful celebration.

It went really well and glad that it gave a blast.

So that is it, Happy Birthday Kim Jie! Our smartest and most helpful man in the class, hope you enjoy your big day and great year ahead. Best bro forever yeah!

Specially thanks to Bobby

Here come the moment of truth:


You love the gift, we know that!


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