Here we are again, back to the time of the year that everybody reminiscent on what happened throughout the year.

To me, 2014 was all screwed up. Definitely a mess, ain’t gonna to write a review this year round.

It seems like all the odds were against me since the early of 2014, nothing went smooth, falling out from expectation. The predicament led the way toward the end of 2014 with no sign of betterment. I know I don’t get lucky, all I need to do is to create my own luck.

The bottom line is, I am still here, breathing and swear to live better.

Perhaps, one of the best thing in 2014 is the sea.
Internship in Terengganu gave me plenty of chances to have this wonder of nature.
Deserted beaches with spectacular.

I used to visit the beach once in a while, staring at it and doing nothing for hours. The true blue is terrific and made me realize how tiny was my struggles.

It turned out to be my hobby: watch the blue, feeling blue. Occasionally went home with a relieve and great photos.

Everything stay still and the world fall into silence, leaving alone the sound of wave breaking into the shore.

Thank you, the sea of 2014. Despite everything went wrong, you are always there as the best companion for living through the tribulation.

Goodbye 2014, I won’t miss you.


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