My Psychopath



So I had just finished watching the entire series of Breaking Bad. The drama is mind-blowing, bombarded with unexpected twists with perfect demonstration of human nature.

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This explains the ridiculously high rating in IMDb compared to other drama (9.5/10). So well-played that I starts to look for similar dramas produced by the company.


The plot basically describes how an all-good Chemistry teacher single-handed creates a drugs empire with his limited life span fighting with Cancer. The cooperation with the compliance, his ex-student show a fluctuating emotional arousal along the story line. In addition to the interference by the family and boss-level badass, the way that how these two main characters survived every obstacles was so compelling that you will never forget those scenes.


Breaking Bad is something that really stand out among the soap operas nowadays in which you are definitely willing to become a couch potato for it.

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In facts, I am taking Psychology class this semester as my humanities subjects where the lecturer kind of looks like the main character in Breaking Bad. Coincidence huh.

But that was indeed awesome.

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The class topic was interesting itself; we learned how brain works, how our mental process and behaviors are interpreted, why people dream, the relationship between depression, anxiety and stress. Not forgetting, what caused mental disorder and what leads an individual to become a psychopath.

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In the story, the main character turn himself into someone totally different in his attempt to protect the one his loved, sacrificing so much that it turned into hatred in the end. Perhaps what he did was not correct, but his fate was kind of melancholic.


We are often being overwhelmed by the facts that there is a small devil lived within ourselves, producing negative thought that we will never ever do in real life (but macam yes in GTA). Aside than that, what else will possibly make oneself an psychopath?
It make people pondering.

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Toward the end, the climax was just like any other climax along the series, so good that, watching the finale was like a heart-wrenching farewell to these characters.

Like ever.

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Nevertheless, thank you Breaking Bad, it had been a thrilled ride after all.

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My psychopath, way to go.



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