Weds Night Out

People told me that they are actually reading my blog (like seriously?), and pointed out sometime I went too deep in the topic. Well, I admit that I was trying too hard to be sentimental, perhaps I should post something simpler.


Here we go.

So it was Wednesday. We do not usually hang out on Wednesday because it is not Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

But we went out indeed and have some fun in Ipoh.

Raining, freezing weather.


Burps and Giggles was closed. We turned out to be at Ben’s Burger next second.


And we eat (ate), biting bugger.

DSC_1984 DSC_1982

We take tons of photos like some high school kids.


We threw a small surprise for Khai Zhen.

DSC_2000 DSC_2005DSC_2009


Then we dropped by Starbucks.


Another round of chilling.

While some photo looks sweet…

The night is still young.

And they said this photo explain friend-zone haha
…some photo explains friend-zone, haha XD

Cool. Nice. Awesome.


Oh Yeah, happy night.

Okay I am running out of high-school kid single word phrases, from all of the above, perhaps sentimental suit better on me lah. Alright bye.


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