Finished sipping the last tinge of Nescafe, zapping all the mess into the bag and get ready to rush downstair.


Managed to meet up with Cement who are waiting also. He unexpectedly wore a white-red stripe collar shirt which seems to be too popular being possessed by Joshua, Jenny and others.


We just chilling up while waiting for Kim Jie. Trying to disturb Kim Keat who seems to be didn’t noticed our existence outside his window.


Where is everyone?

We will have class on Construction Project Management at Building 18 at 8am. The lecturer is an ex-HOD for our department who is kind of stringent when comes to punctuality. Yeah he will lock the door, you will never want to walk so far yet being trapped, outside.


Attempt to disturb Kim Keat fail again. We were talking about sleep. Cement slept so early last night, good for memory consolidation, part of the Psychology Test later. I was feeling guilty back then since I slept so late last night. But I keep stressing that I didn’t play Facebook at least.


People walking by and we were standing still. Nobody came out, not even some coursemates. Both of us were so happy that, finally, everyone overslept and we are going to be the good Samaritan to wake up everyone. That feeling, so awesome, like a hero.



So we were at the doorstep of Kim Jie and Joshua.

Knock, knock, knock, putting in some drama to shout like fire brigade is arriving, calling the occupants to arise and assemble.

Joshua answer the door. With a sleepy face, that defining moment. he moved his lips:

Class Cancelled.”


Time stopped.


Completely stopped.


Cement and me staring at each other, burst into laugh and being completely trolled. The feeling was so mixed up that you not sure whether to happy for no class or feeling stupid for being not informed.

So they had actually announced this in Facebook last night, the lecturer know, the world know, the cats know, everyone know.

Except for the two of us.

1. Do not sleep early
2. Check facebook

Time for some sleep.


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