Toàn’s Visit

It was a leisure Friday morning and out of the blue I saw a notification from Tony indicating he was touring IRC at that moment.

Just to mention, Tony is one of the Vietnamese students who host our trip to Ho Chi Minh City last year. We visited his schools, celebrated his birthday and had tons of great time exploring the town together.

Scrambling upon, I quickly dressed up and came to library with Kim Keat.

Kun and Khai Zhen was there in conversation with Tony, he hasn’t changed at all, still the cheerful guy speaking with a humble and slow-pace English.

We sure had some great catch-up session with him outside the library, knowing that he is heading to Penang on the afternoon and Kuala Lumpur on next few days.


I remembered he once brought us to visit his civil engineering lab back at his campus, so I did the same as host. We walked around at Building 13, I unprofessionally describe the equipment in concrete lab while leading the guys throughout the block. Great to have this opportunity to show him around as to repay his kindness back then.

Then we had lunch at Kheng Heong, introducing the almighty “Cham” to him as a must-try beverages. Surprisingly I am the one who never know this type of drinks existed. We flashed back on some nice food we had tasted in Vietnam, reminiscing the spicy, salty yet sweet local delicacies.

Then we sent him off to Amanjaya Terminal for his travelling to Penang. The journey to bus station took one hour in which we had plenty of chat on Kim Keat’s car. Glad to listen to some of his story and his upcoming plan for this Malaysia Trip.

The ticket to Penang Island was purchased at the chaotic terminal. We then bid adieu to Tony as we sending him off at the departure hall, wishing him all the best for anything in the future.

The short reunion came fast and end, but it was indeed heartwarming to see each other again after all these whiles.

So great to see you again, Tony, be blessed and enjoy immensely in the hot weather of Malaysia.

By the way, not forgetting, Happy Big Birthday to our smiling-always boy!


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