Not Yet


I want to step onto this land, feeling the warmth of people, the comfortable morning breeze slipping across my face.

I want to stand next to Taipei 101, gazing at the state-of-the-art architecture of this sophisticated tower.

I want to laze around at the night market of Feng Jia, hunting down the renowned snacks and delicacies.

I want to take a deep breath at Qing Jing Farm, feeling the soft texture of little sheep skin and laying on the vast grassland.

I want to watch the sunset at Ken Ding, re-imaging the scenes in the movie and listening to the sea.

I want to sit on the dilapidated train to travel around, ordering some packed meal and occasionally get lost at somewhere I dunno.

I want to explore every place of Hua Lien, experiencing the  breathtaking picturesque of the landscape.

I want to be immersed into the ambience of Eslite Book Store, picking up a book and sank into the world till the next dawn.

I want to go Taiwan, so badly that I had been looking forward to this trip since the internship began. The tickets had been booked prior, travelling companion was 3 initially, turned out to be 2 due to unforeseen circumstances, and 1 at very last minute.

All the 14-days accommodation had been booked, everything was laid out perfectly.

But I had decided not to go last minute, on the morning before departure to airport.

I had seen friends who travelling alone at countries for many days and even months. I admired their courage to do so. I once feel like I can archive the same thing if I went Taiwan alone this time.

But thinking carefully, that is not I want.

I want someone to share the view along the roads, to look into the map and plan out the next destination together, to try out the local foods and enjoy ourselves immensely. For me, travelling alone is not my type, I cannot bear to do it myself.

It sounds like a coward act but I am just trying to be true to myself, leading the type of life I wish I can have.

For sure, there is some regrets for burning the flight ticket and some deposits on the staying hostel, but I will just regard it as something that make next Taiwan trip more worthy.

Some other day, see you Taiwan.

Not yet.


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