Internship, The End

Report done. Presentation done. Logbook done. Task handover done. Everything done, sort of.
Time flies, all of a sudden we found ourselves in the finishing line for this tenure.

Too much gratitudes, arrrh saying goodbye is definitely not my type. I tried a thousand time, but it felt bitter when bidding adieu to people who had worked together for months.

I wrote a thank you note to my SV, Nadia, attached with a small gift. In exchange, she surprisingly gave me a classy laptop backpack as a token. All these whiles she had been kind to me, knowing that I am leaving this great mentor and friend was kind of upset. A lot of takeaway from her, until we see again.


Then we had this graduation ceremony. All the 21 trainees was gathered again for the short session. The speech from Mr. Azizur was indeed motivating. The cert giving marked the end for all of us. Photo-taking and refreshment enlighten the day.


My department held a farewell for Akmal and me. Two cakes and good food was served. We were given chance to say some words. I tried to be calm and expressed my thanks to everybody, for helping out and their willingness to treat us well all along the journey here. Pin badge were our last souvenir for everyone, before we sincerely shook each other’s hands upon departing.


Lastly, the workstation, the bird, the window view, the cafe food, the fountain, the big logo, the lobby, the resource center, the punch card machine, the meeting room, the web mail account, the cleaners, the coverall, the building and the sunlight casting on the floor and everything, was how we gave a final touchdown before going.

And we were gone.


My manager told me that they are willing to offer me a post in this department if I not getting any placement after graduated, I smile and thanks him for the kindness, and promise I will worked harder for my future.


Perhaps the biggest learning for me here is how to live up to the obligation, and respect the people with experiences. It is still a long way to go for me, I shall keep going, pouring in hundred percent passionate, on my path to be a great civil engineer.

Meanwhiles, thank you, PMO.


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