FIFA Fever In Kertih

It was Thursday night, few hours before the beginning of FIFA World Cup 2014 first match, featuring Brazil against Croatia. I was having dinner with Kun Shum, Xiao Kang and Wilson while they invited me to watch the show together later.

I thought of my miserable life lately, and actually agreed to wake up at 4am to catch the world class fever.

So I actually start to learn watching football match after 22 years born to this world; in a strange place with people that I never expect to cross my life before I came.

It was eerily dark at 4am, we went to a friend house in Rantau, they have a big LCD tv with HD Astro telecast. I just comfortably sank into the sofa and watch the game while Xiao Kang occasionally explained things to me.

Ain’t gonna bluff, but it was awesome. And the time passed so fast that 94 minutes as though blinking second. The emotion was intense while people running around: the happiness when people goal (and on-goal), when people missed the shot, when the penalty was caused by not so strong reason, when audience do weird things in front of camera and etc. I did enjoy it a lot.

We went home at 6am and collapse in bed until the next afternoon. Next day, I joined to watch the Spain Netherland match as well, which was much more intensive and interesting. Netherland did so well and the renowned keeper from Spain just had a bad luck that day.

Now I understand why everyone is so obsessed with World Cup, and I am ready to join the crowd!

Another 30 days of matches toward the final, I may not be the super fan but it totally worth the time to catch up. FIFA 2014, all in one rhythm!


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