Always in the assumption that I am the youngest in the organization, until a new batch of intern came in last week.


So, am I some sort of senior now?!!

It’s fun to meet new friends here, some of them are my juniors, while some are seniors. Nevertheless, the gap between our ages was diminished when we are bound together by the same reason to be working here.

And hence, glad to meet some awesome friends here.

I once thought my life here will be pathetic, and never expect that these people had made it a blast: The Jan 09 batch who just joined, my five cheerful neighbors, colleague in PMO, my batchmates, Chee Huat’s friends, new interns and etc.


It was indeed a packful weekend for me. I first tried the thai-chinese fusion food at sawadee restaurant, then have a great lunch at the shao rou stall next day, in addition to swimming and movie at the night with various people, culminated with Thomas Cup match at the mamak stall.

Erm, seems like nothing much to write, it just randomly came across my mind that I am so grateful to my current life(as well as showing off these cute animated pictures).




What do you think?

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