The Vow

Four souls’ path intertwine with each other
Bear the fruit of ever-lasting friendship
Laughter and bitterness enlighten the life
Which bring the vow into limelight

The Introvert cut the first deal
And his courage was put to test
Initiative is the key
To know any lady and the phone number
With the presence of three acquaintances

The Wise followed the lead
Swear to enfold himself into another character
May it be the man he hate the most
Or the woman at his top
To complement a hug of spirit touching

The Ponytail took a detour
Obtaining the task declared as the easiest
To trim the long river flowing on her head
Into a length shorter than the shoulder
All ponytail shall made a good mushroom

The Polite sank into struggle
Being assigned to demonstrate his contrast
Where a deep rude word shall be screeched
In a public with familiar faces
As to unleash the true self of him

Introvert, Wise, Ponytail, Polite
The four made the vow
To be accomplished before the day of departure
From this land of milk and honey
No reward shall be gained
Neither will the honor and respect be lost
But the bond and rapport shall be closed
May the journey go on and on.



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