Such a shame that we are not given the chance to visit offshore facilities in this organization due to safety concern. Despite that, more opportunities had been given for us to visit different site for various activities in exchange to that. I feel totally grateful being part of this firm, which had been an eye-opening experiences for myself.

There are almost 20% of my works involving outstation. It is not really much for this industry indeed, but was adequate for us to acquire knowledge, the following was some sites I went to with senior colleagues:

1. Onshore Gas Terminal

IMG_0461 IMG_0478 IMG_0483 IMG_0515 IMG_0520 IMG_0521

Was there to conduct feasibility study for Field Improvement Proposal. The drafter and designer came along, civil engineer are to ensure that the concept had been fully delivered to the contractor.

2. Kemaman Supply Base

IMG_0605 IMG_0617 IMG_0634 IMG_0637

So we have our own ware house in the supply base. The firm is like a big boss here and we were there for Caisson Checking. The 30″ big pipes was enormous and attached with a sad story being transferred back due to monsoon last year, to be returned to offshore this summer!

3. Paka Rumbia Resort

IMG_0747IMG_0720 IMG_0736

A Boatlanding workshop had been conducted with contract holder and contractor. Much more learning on the boatlanding installation and I still remember how delicious is the dessert and how clear is the river.

4. HASB Fabrication Yard

IMG_0821 IMG_0841 IMG_0858

To witness how they conduct Non-Destructive Test on Magnetic Particle Testing. It was really a fruitful day with too much insight provided by the inspector. Fortunately, all structure members passed the test!

5. MSET Factory

IMG_0887 IMG_0896 IMG_0915

Wearing the blue coat provided by the company, we took a visit to this renowned pipeline specialized manufacturer. The inspection was done at the foam pig strainer and pipeline engineers were too kind to explain everything to us.

6. ROMSTAR Store

IMG_0938 IMG_0940 IMG_0951Never expect that pig looks like this! Was there to brief the inspector on the checklist. Paid a lot of attention in the explanation by engineers because its operation is hard to be visualized. In short, these dumbbell-like pigging device is used for pipeline cleaning.

7. Awana Kijal Resort World

IMG_0973 IMG_0974Conducted in this luxurious hotel, it was the pre-mobilization briefing for the contract workers who was ready to move on to offshore platform for construction work. Love the atmosphere there which kind to give these people that how the firm appreciate their safety.

8. Allied Conquest

IMG_1077IMG_1045 IMG_1052 IMG_1059 It was the name of the ship. We were provided the chance to tour the big vessel and explained with how they conducted diving activities in site. We learned how they convert the gas and supply it through system and why should decompression done on the people. A lot of technical equipment was introduced to us and it was indeed shaky yet steady afternoon.

There are many advantages being a trainee. People is willing to explain as long as you dare to ask. I learned so many things over the past three months. After all, I was also glad to have the chance to take these photos, thankfully all the people encountered are kind enough to allow us to do so.

Keep going, it is just a beginning.



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