Hometown And Alvin

It was indeed kind of weird combination, but Alvin did came my home for a short vacation, just like what I did previously.

The setting changed from the azure sea of KT to the blackish sea of BP, hmm XD

Thursday night, we aimlessly waiting for the bus at the bus station, until it finally came and we found a spot to sit and sleep. Time flies, the next seconds, we were waiting at the bench of BP Bus Station for my dad.

It was 6.15am, the sunrise not yet arrive, but the sky was deep dark blue. We reached at home, soon collapsed on bed with super thick blanket sheets.

Woke up after few hours of nap, greet mum and introduced the little boy to her. Being brought to Taman BP Hawker Center and ate the renowned economic mee, then took a stroll on the Chinese market below. Met Aunt, and Alvin was amazed by younger cousin way of speaking. Occasionally explained to Alvin how the things going on around BP.

Then on the way to Grandma’s house. The Singapore relatives was there and talk full of big stuff craps to Alvin. Not sure how the boy handle this relatives, but he took the story with him. Scratching Da Guai’s neck.

Dad was backed for lunch but I am too full to eat. Alvin playing game and thankfully he brought laptop along to kill the times.

We went to buy cinema ticket, CIMB bank and Square One later. Touch decision on the mechanical watch, Alvin helps in opinions.

Then again back to home and doing nothing. During lunch, I successfully persuaded Alvin for trying the oily part of the meat, he seems unbelievable that it tasted softer than expected. Then he backed to the game, reading comics from my book rack.


Raining heavily outside, unbelievable.

Evening, the sunset came in, daddy homed.

For a very long time I had never cycling. Alvin and me took a ride to the inner residential area. Some dogs barking on us, wind breeze. We manage to found some interesting painting, in which later I brought along sisters for photo shooting.


The whole family went to several store to purchase fruits and stuff for the pray next day, then we went Seaside Hawker Center for feast. Satay, Chicken Wing, Fried Stuff, Ikan Bakar, Shell and etc. The place was packed with crowd and the dinner was fully contented.

Then the rest went home, Alvin and me headed to BP Mall for Captain America. Took a quick walk around the ground floor and watched the movie. Alvin was exhilarated with the merchandise bottle. The movie was awesome and the credit was kind of scary. Reached home at midnight and fall asleep immediately.

As usual, Alvin pushes and kicks me in his sleep without noticing anything.

The next morning, after back from Ching Meng, Alvin was up and we took some time before depart to breakfast.

Everyone went along to Fuji for breakfast. I highly recommended Alvin for the Fried Carrot Cake and it was indeed super delicious.

Next, we departed to Minyak Beku the temple. Cloudy day, soon it rained, reminded me of the same scenario two weeks ago with other friends here. We walked around to see the giant Ju Long Fish and watched how others attempt to call the fish here. We was then trapped in rain for half an hour before going back.


Back to home again, and then send dad to his company, me and Alvin went to Summit for the watch hunting. And we actually got it, the new watch is totally awesome.

Did not manage to catch another movie in MBO, so we randomly window shopping in Square One. Some interesting lego toys and a machine that can win iPhone, furniture fair caught our attention.

Then I brought Alvin for lunch at KK mi hun guei, salty yet tasty. It took time for the food to arrive and thankfully we both are too free to wait. The weather is sweltering hot, but Blackball melt us down.

Backed to home at evening. Watching Alvin playing SDO, reminded me that I played that game before! Packed up the stuff and ready to bid farewell to my home sweet home.

We went for dinner after fetching mum and sisters. The rain was still going on. The dinner was settled at the Pork Sup stall near to bus station. Alvin seems enjoyed the liver lolol. His “Ji Ta” made my sister burst into laugh.

And finally, it was time to say goodbye to my family, I wave my hand to them and hopped onto bus with Alvin. The back seat was kind of dirty but we managed to sleep all along the 6 hours journey.

The journey culminated when we walked to the restaurant in eerily dark road. Saying goodnight to each other and quickly fall asleep.

To make it in short, I was glad that Alvin came before he left, really really glad.




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