Ain’t Over Yet

Over the past few days, people across the nation had been overwhelmed with all sort of news; water rationing, haze, politics and banned issue.

And the worst among the worsts came in this morning.

It was Saturday, a family day for myself and my housemates, Alvin, Kak Noni and Kak Intan. These people were part of parcel of my life in Kerteh who I regard as family despite gaps in our year of birth. We planned to go out since few days ago and today was the day.

As I lazed around social network before departure, local media dropped a bombshell on disappeared flight MH370 from KL which scheduled to be arrived at Beijing around 6.30am.

The first thing came across my mind was, how likely can this kind of incident happened? Happening so close that it was our own airline company involving of our country people.

Anxiety, scare stormed in, facebook was all about the news.

Since no much updates in the morning, there was discussion among the housemates in the car, someone suggested that the plane may drove into Bermuda Triangle and lost in contact. Wild guess and prayers were the only thing we can do.

So we had our day in a short breakfast, a movie, shopping to kill the time.

Afternoon, I drove all the way to Paka for lunch. We found a good spot at the beach side. The view was incredible and the sea is dynamically blue. Beach and stroking sunlight, coconut trees with breeze. We had a satisfactory lunch at a Malay stall.


I was glad that I brought along BEAST, took some beautiful landscape with me while waiting for the time to passed.

It was Saturday afternoon and everything was so peaceful. It was 3pm back then.

Until Kak read some news over the missing flight, where Vietnam Navy unofficially quotes that the plane may go down into the South China Sea, some rescue team had been sent over the lost contact spot to lend a hand.

South China Sea? Exactly the sea beside of us which we had so much praise on her prettiness few moments ago. Glazing through the horizon, some thing undesirable is happening at another side of sea, some life is pending for helps and so much hopes is pouring over this ocean.


I know, what we can do is minimal, but at least, praying for the people on board is the utmost we can do to ease the stirring minds of those who involved, isn’t it?

People may get torn apart over little things, but all bonds are united when it comes to life that we care. As we always did.

Just hope for the best, MH370.



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