60 Things In Internship [Ongoing]

One picture speak a thousand of word, I will give it sixty thousands then.

1. Name Card
Lucas is my identity here. The tag card is used to enter and exit the compound of the company.

2. Nescafe Brown & Creamy
And you don’t say,its my top favorite coffee flavor since its debut.

3. SPE Multitool
A door gift during a local SPE event, basically I don’t use all those fancy blades on top except the torch light beneath.

4. MP3 Player
Made in China,bought in China,probably Chinese Song inside.

5. Gatsby Hairspray
Hair hair you you,I want be your hairspray.

6. ‘The Time Keeper’
Love posted all the way here from home,ready to get my emotion all touched up.

7. Ang Pau
Blessing from a Malay colleague, unexpectedly bearing a light cyan note which made me feeling appreciated.

8. Ice Cream
A sweat melting bite in the extreme weather, who don’t fall for the trap? Photo taken in Masjid Kristal.

9. Apple
Once upon a time, there was this little cute boy named Alvin, who always asked around the housemates for giving out apple, sexy pretty and juicy apple.

10. Rumbia Resort
Was there for boatlanding workshop, had a feast and nothing else.

11. Watch
It’s the yellow of bumblebee! Reminding myself to be on time since secondary school.

12. Toastmaster
A magical suitcase that make good deal of sandwiches.

13. HL+Milo
New way of pampering a boy with pimples.

14. Z Belt
Showcasing my bling bling alphabet in the office.

15. Lotte Pepero
Got the sticks for free recently from colleague due to its ambiguous identity

The most bitter tears and the sweetest laughter, Create the most fascinating picture books that eternalize the journey.

<To be continued>


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