Repeatedly Represented

Sorry, I don’t have story to tell, my life basically repeated itself everyday.


Wake up reluctantly, brush my teeth, drink Nescafe Brown & Creamy, drive, punch card, open desktop, check mail, greet sv, get daily task, complete daily task, go back and dinner with Alvin, talk with Kakak, check fb, watch some drama, sleep.

And again.


In fact, the logbook for internship basically become my dairy now, and I accidentally put so much feeling in writing it. My sv seems didn’t oppose my way of writing, so I assume I can keep this style.

Here is some excerpt:

We went to several places to look at the site situation. The site visit prompts for coordination between the engineers, designer and draft man in order to come out with a mutual agreement on the proposed projects. T
he wise speaker showcased his passionate in drilling throughout the talk and never failed to spark up the audience’s interest. Even though the talk left an ambiguous answer on petroleum existence in Mars, but the speaker is totally able to sustain the atmosphere and it was indeed a food for thought for the audience at the end of the day. 
There were many load cases as well as the impact of combination of load cases. It was observed that the load in storm condition not necessary bigger than that in operating condition. In facts, the magnitude of the load from three dimension are affected by many factors and can be varies in certain predicaments.
In his talk, he shared his precious working experiences with the fellow audience- the bitterness, the joy, the trial and tribulations along his journey in this company. His passionate and substantive contribution earned thunderous applause from the audience at the end of the ceremony.

Not sure if it is a logbook or news article XD



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