AKA “Can’t Stop Myself From Telling Others My Internship” Syndrome

First day at work.

Chee Huat came to where I stay to fetch me in the early morning. His car parked outside at the PETRONAS compound. We register at the entrance, leaving the driving license behind. At the reception, we were asked to be seated in lobby waiting for some guidance. Butterfly were roaming in my stomach.

First impression: Old building and serious guards wearing Police uniforms.


Soon, a person from HR came to bring us into a “training room”, while UTPians slowly occupied the room, there were almost 22 of us! A lady kindly greeted us and showed us a safety video while attendance was taken. She then get our name and distributed forms to be filled up. Most of the time we were just waiting.



Finally we were asked to attend some seminar in conjunction with HSE week at Dewan Sri Intan. The forum was kind of entertaining especially the raping part. However, being in an event with hall fulled of adults was quite weird, but they seems enjoying. The lunch time we were brought to the cantin and dine in expensive nasi campur, at least the environment was conducive. Later in that afternoon each of us were gave a Secret Recipe pack lunch.


Back to the training room and the never ending waiting session was backed. Got to know some new friends from UTP. We were then finally being called out to be led to respective department. Glad that Akmal was in the same department as mine. My supervisor is a fine lady and she friendly introduce the colleague to us. Too bad it was 5 minutes from 5pm and we soon bid adieu and going back home.

Second Day
Third Day
Forth Day


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