My Year

The past 363 days had been great to me, and we are left with 2 days to culminate this wonderful year.

In short, 2013 was a blast.

It all started with the Chinese New Year with never-ending ang pao receiving and several crucial gatherings with the loved one.


13122_10200539622081214_822055684_n1 44319_10200587958372323_466284990_n 598549_4976343918996_580589380_n

In addition, I had embarked on journey to many tourism spots, starting from Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, coming next to China with family, and then Taman Negara, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Kelantan, Lumut, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur recently. Every trip was a bliss as I got the chance to have different companions along the way.

dsc_0660dsc_2824 img_6719 (1)

img_8344 img_8798 (2)


536952_10201844438496291_1264387537_n 954825_10202060466216849_1265699117_n


And I had my super-long semester break, which made me worked for three different jobs, one of them was super tough. I was made to realize the cruel part of life if one did not work hard as well as perspective from different level toward the goals of life. Next, worked as a promoter in KLCC during PIKOM PC fair had enriched my life to intermingle with a bunch of energetic peoples.

020320132610 (1)

With one month intensive training, I learnt breast stroke and able to overcome my fear toward the water.

And general election during May brought along so many politics into the recent life during that period.

Most importantly, I purchased my dream camera, named as BEAST and happily ever after.


Upon finishing sem-break, we were backed to school and cooped with mountains of assignments. But Sem 5 went well, few of the most prominent memories are the moment when we went to Ipoh Starwalk, Famine 30 and selling Macdonald for Entrepreneurship.


OBS came later and forced me to give up the chance for snorkeling in Perhentian Island. But there is no regret at all because OBS was harsh yet memorable.

1238382_10202224311352875_1906479375_n 1391526_10202224320513104_1084444296_n

Then we reached at the craziest Sem 6 when every weekend was occupied with activities and events. So far so good, everything went well.


1394028_10202193391893562_1678786318_n img_0049

ETP got me great teammates, our Fireball Extinguisher was on press.


Toward the end, the Christmas party reunion was a heartwarming one.


For sure it’s not that the entire year had passed smoothly without obstacles. I fall out with one of my best friends in campus due to tiny matter which I was intolerant at. I missed the chance to further my studies in oversea university TWICE in a year. I was sometime being bounded by my own stupid principles of life which made me lost and being hurt.

Still, 2013 made a great round year for me, and probably the best in my life. Perhaps, for every year it will become even better than the previous one.

No matter what, life carries on and all we need to do is lead it to a well end.


That’s it for 2013, happy ending.



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