Under The Same Roof

Time flies, finally, we had done with Engineering Team Project.

I was looking forward for this subject since Foundation, being fed up with the information that ETP is all about EE and ME showtime. Well, the rumor itself is some sort of true story. Yet, the real cool stuff lay beneath is that it do require a team, perhaps none of the course contributes lesser because there is never personal glory in ETP.

For me, the greatest thing that ETP had taught me is how to become a team player, and how to utilize it to help others.


The first time I met my fellow team members, was during the first ETP briefing. I got the chance to meet Aiman and Shaberdi for the very first time, Varsheta was the one who took initiative to gather all of us.

Surprisingly, I got into the same team as my roommate out of 300 participants as well as Sai, another Deja Vu who had been in the same team with me during OBS.

Thus we had our first meeting, it was kind of unfamiliar and polite as we just know each other but we pact together very soon as time goes by. The first meeting with SV, Dr.Isa went well, he eagerly to know our family background. The only question he left me undone is,”why are you so quiet?”

And the meetings goes on, paper works were done progressively.


Sai is the one always shooting ideas. Sha is the one that come prepared and ready to tell us his findings. Varsheta is the one who is busy writing MOM, and sometime drifting away from the discussion. Aiman is the one with great attitude and ready to give positive supports. Gan is the one who will think off negatives sides of each idea, forcing us to think deeper.

These people, transform every meeting into fruitful outcome, and provides total confidence to deal with supervisor; SV is always satisfied.


We once changed the topic into another, but it was failed. They quickly bucked up and decided to change back into the original topic.

The prototypes failed many times indeed. But with every possible solutions brainstormed, we are able to remedy it and came out with a blast.


And very soon we were toward the presentation. Video shooting was hectic yet interesting. Powerpoint slides was splendidly done as well as the rehearsal at the deserted library one night before.

Just that, the poster progress is so slowed that I put on anger for the persons in-charge. I was really mad that night and can’t stop to blame others.

But, the next day is the most enjoyable night I ever had – the night when everyone did the poster together. It was nicely done eventually and we even hanged out at Mamak afterward. And I realized, there is nothing big I should angry about, perhaps I should control my temper. I never apologize to them, but I felt sorry for what I had said.

Sorry, mates.

Poster G19

Then we came to the presentation. We started to find out that the other teams were also unique in their own ways, perhaps we are not as good as we thought. Still, we manage to deliver the product with 100% from us. The evaluator is sort of satisfied with our presentation, and it was a big relieve for all of us.


And we walked all the way to Dr. Isa room just to share the joyful moment with him. Tiring day, contented enough.

Later, we was chosen as one of the 30 teams for SEDEX.

The preparation went on as usual, we do have rehearsal but this time we assign the best speakers form the team to do it. Comments was given and time was calculated. That night at Tesco, we randomly found a mop squeezer to become our ball holder. Everyone believe that it will make the prototype an eye-catchy.

Yup, it was totally awesome.


We nicely decorated the booth and wait for the judge in patience. The non-technical judge show her preference and the technical judges keep nodding their head. No matter what will be the results, we had done our best isn’t it?

Myriad of people went by the booth. The video was highly rated. Everyone taking their sweet time to hang around and occasionally come back to switch turn for taking care the booth. I believed we really enjoy ourselves immensely in SEDEX.


The next day, Innovative Committee and Chairman visited the booth, which later brought us to the closing ceremony of SEDEX.

During the award-giving, I am so nervous that I feel like my heart is popping up. Then I looked at my side, all the members were quietly waiting for the result, which assure me to take it easy. And finally, our team was called upon for “Gold Medal” award. Can’t be happier than that moment, the instance that we get the crowned, I am feeling so proud and glad.

DSC_3412 DSC_3868 DSC_3893 DSC_3903 DSC_3914

We share the happy time together with endless photoshooting, and visit SV the next day with packs of good news. Dr. Isa was definitely happy for us, he had been a good mentor for us this semester and I can’t imagine that it was going to end.

Now, this week, we are left with final report before ETP culminated with memories. Time slips by slowly without telling us and all of sudden we find ourselves in the ending of this course.

I will definitely miss those good times I shared together with the teammates. I am so proud to say without the contributions from you all, Fireball Extinguisher won’t be glittered with glory. It is the hard work from all of us and I will always take this ETP experiences with me. Perhaps, we will still have other chance of working together in the future, and I know it will be another mind-blowing combination!

See ya and take care my dear teammates, until we meet again! ^_^


We came together as a team, but we´re leaving as brothers.
(p/s: Varsheta, we are officially brothers now XD )



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