Last Minor

Every time when I took minors, the final exam timetable turned out to be nasty.


During the first time, they did like 4 subjects all crapped into two days.


And now,they did the final one week earlier than the initial exam week.

In facts, I really enjoy the days taking these management subject. Get to know a lot of business students, they are all sharp and smart people to talk to, actively involved in the class discussion. The past four subjects in this series I got to meet BIS students from four different batches. (New Friends And Classmates In This 4 Months)This time, I am having SBE with my batch!

And I can totally say, the atmosphere is a huge difference from engineering class.

The class was delivered by a lecturer that have some experiences in marketing and entrepreneurial, too bad some time his weird temper made students feeling lost. The coursework distribution is sort of unorganized.

By hook or by crook, we had now came to the second last week of academic, gonna study hard for this subject no matter what, seriously aiming for an A in my final checklist 🙂

But still, the exam timetable make me speechless.

Oh, wait.

Someone chat with me at facebook.

Woei Luen just told me that they had successfully shifted the exam to 3 Jan 2014, everything was back to normal weeeeee!

Fine, just pretend I never did this post then.



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