Untold Stories

3 October 2013 – Reunion Of Vietnam Trip Participants


We went to Domino’s Pizza at Station 18 and ordered a big pizza for each of us. Fun video recording for birthday girl in Vietnam. The food was contented, the movie after the feast made our day.

6 October 2013 – Retreat To Lenggong


By a rare chance, me, Xiang, Eevon and Woei Luen followed the RSF team for their appreciation trip to old of the oldest place in Malaysia, Lenggong. The flying fox at the early morning was awesome. Nevertheless, river crossing experiences is more than epic, nearly got flushed away.

9 October 2013 – Wastewater Engineering Lab


One among the most memorable experiment because it takes like hundreds of reading within three hours. It was a test on sludge settle-ability. I remembered that we was late to class and Dr. Salah sure pulled a long face.

15 October 2013 – Highway Engineering Lab


Conducted Los Angeles Abrasion Test that day, the atmosphere of the lab is suffocating as always, and the rotating drum produced the biggest sound ever. Everyone was like metres away when it was operating. Practical is fun, doesn’t it?

20 October 2013 – Convofair Treasure Hunt


Our team was named as Maggi Goreng. With roommate’s car, four of us traveled to several towns in Perak to complete our mission. The roadtrip was kind of enjoyable and I love those moment when we stopped at roadside to check up the name of the location. The day with cloud nine mood ended with second place out of 36 teams.

23 October 2013 – Sewage Treatment Plant Visit


We went to the place that treats UTPians’ faeces and lab discharges. Me, Jenny and Jie was late due to collection of academic transcript, the lecture is lengthy and kind of bombarding especially under the hot sun. Anyway, great chance to see how the wastewater was treated.

25 October 2013 – Early Birthday Celebration


So thankful that these people gave me a surprise during the K-box session. Never saw it coming and all of sudden the birthday song flooded my mind. Feeling appreciated and do appreciate what these friends did for me. Got a pink shirt as birthday present 😀

27 October 2013 – Expedition to Kledang Hill!


First attempt to try out this extremely nearby campus hill. Slowly walking on the bituminous road, we took our time to reach the traveler checkpoint and enjoy a panoramic view of the town. The hiking was rewarded with a sumptuous dim sum breakfast.

27 October 2013 – Sending Off Cousin During Convocation


Indeed a glorious and splendid Sunday, I went to Chancellor Complex to meet up with my relatives coming from Johor for my cousin convocation. Saw a lot of seniors graduating that day too, took some photos with them and wish them all the best for the future.

30 November 2013 – Interviewing Entrepreneur


Another satisfactory interview session. The owner of the car washing company sure is a friendly and ambitious young adults. Learned a lot from the session and even got the chance to do car polishing. Awesome teammates expert in Business Information System, glad to work with these girls.

4 December 2013 – Pre-SEDEX Presentation


Kind of nervous upon the presentation because it will determine our fate and harvest our hard work over the past few months. With so much confidence, we showcase our poster, slides and product to the evaluator. Felt accomplished at the end of the day, walked all the way to Building 5 to spend some quality moment with supervisor.

So much untold stories, but one big thing that I observed from these photos: less thing happened in November.

By hook or by crook, I am looking forward for a blast in December!



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