The Ultimate Getaway

How nice is it when we are able to take a break from the hectic life and enjoy a learning journey to the capital of this country?


This is most probably the last fieldtrip before Internship began. Looking back,our class had went to several suburban and rural area for the fieldtrips, on the sixth we were brought to the heart of Malaysia, two important visit in Kuala Lumpur.

The trip started on Morning 6.30am, while everybody reluctantly woke up at this hour and hopped into the bus. The journet took three hours, randomly borrowing toilet at the mosque and fetching Dr.Shark halfway on the tol.

Oh,my seat was suffering from continuous drooling of air-cond above, I change seat to Ammar’s side, nice to know another Johorean!

Very soon, we arrived at Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill and start our tour with another university in Pahang. A manager from the company gave us a very warm welcoming, the “lecture” session was kind of long, but anyway still a good exposure to how smart these engineers utilize every tinge of facilities here to generate meaningful profit. Some re-scale models were used to explain the process and the breakfast is so light that I was feeling hungry :3

Ok now,fully motivated and go to the real site.

It was sweltering hot outside and we start with some methane gas facilities, proceeded to the landfill. It was enormous! The occasional breeze brought along stinky smell in our face. Next, we went to the leachate treatment site to see how they harvest and recover this source. Lastly, we bid adieu to the manager and headed off to KL.

The journey was tiring, we slept all the way until we reached at the centre of KL.

Concrete jungle erected in our sight. State-of-the-art architecture around the city never fail to awestruck me. Twin tower is simply mesmerizing even though I had seen it so many time. We checked in at The Zon hotel, which is 5 mins walking distance from KLCC. Me, Seh Hui, Kim Jie and Vinoth was arranged to be in same apartment. Howwyeah the apartment was so spacious and the view to the towers was splendid. We enjoyed a hot bath before went out for walk.

Finally we gathered at lobby, meeting up with Yee Hong, Kah Soon, Jia Jie, Kok and Jenny, we took a stroll to meet up with Kenric, Joshua, Jie and Ah Ho. When everybody finally shown up, we walked like never-ending, to Log Ten foodcourt for our late lunch. The journey is hungry itself, we passed through Suria KLCC Mall, Bintang Walk, Pavilion and finally arrived at the underground food paradise.

De lunch is Bat Kut Teh with smooth texture meat set, expensive yet satisfactory. Glad to try out the renowned coffee there too. Everyone is hungry, it can be seen from the action of people gobbling up variety of food in instance.

Then we just walked randomly at H&M up stair, and decided to take another walk to Berjaya Time Squares, passing through Sungai Wang Plaza. Initially we are hoping for some exciting roller coaster ride inside the mall, but the cheaper alternative of bowling attracted everyone attention. We played for a round and it’s kind of enjoying. Joshua got the first place while I accidentally became the runner-up XD

After some window shopping in FOS, we walked all the way back to Suria KLCC for movie! “Thor” is Thortally a nice movie, but I slept like three time within the two hour showtime, tired huh?

It was 2am, we walked under the rain all the way from Suria KLCC back to the hotel. The road is still illuminated by the orange casting street light, but the city was deserted at this hour, we can barely see a car. It was the nicest moment to have a big soft bed after a hot bath upon the finishing of a long tiring day.

The next day, we woke up comfortably and went to the hotel restaurant for the breakfast buffet. It may not be as sumptuous as served by Grand River View Hotel, but still the food nicely filled my stomach. We ate for a few round till the big tummy appeared.

A walked at the swimming pool, too bad we don’t have enough time for it.

Finally we packed up our stuff, I remembered we watched the Xi Shuo Tai Wan-Shui Xian Meng at 8TV before leaving, nice story plot. It was shocking to know that we were given another two hour of free time due to Friday Prayer.

Once again, the same group of people walked to Suria KLCC and wandering around in leisure. TGIF! The lunch was Gong Cha with Subway, okay I am full!

Another site visit brought us to Indah Water Bunus STP to see the residential wastewater treatment. It was a very memorable experience indeed because we are able to see how every step in the process slowly purified the water. The most thrilling experience is when me, Kim Jie and some other coursemates climbed up the methane storing tank to enjoy the beautiful KL view from top.

The filedtrip culminated after we had our dinner at highway rest house and sent back to UTP safely.

To put it in short, a good trip with good people, at good time with good memories.



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