Tough Day

11/12/13                                                                                                                Tuesday

New book from my favourite writer :)
New book from my favourite writer 🙂

Isn’t it a nice date? Too bad the day didn’t look so beautiful for me.

My day started at 6am, with half an hour of extra sleep, I reluctantly arose and go to study straight.

I will have my RC test later, which is an interesting subjected to learn, but it normally cause casualties when comes to exam, like seriously.

And I start to pouring over the notes, and squeeze everything into a cheat sheet which was allowed to be brought into the exam hall. Hmm, the cheat sheet in simple word, is one-sided A4 paper in write everything you can.

Then rushing for breakfast, rushing to Highway Lab by Kim Jie’s car.

That was the last lab for this course, everyone seems busy with RC test preparation. It was CBR test which involves thousand of very particular job. I can’t help much, just try my best to help carry the 5kg++ mould around.

Later, we were late for wastewater class, for the very first time. Thankfully the lecturer was kind enough today. We sat down and had a blast in the most-confusing ever lecture on slut volume, oops, I mean slug, sludge.

And the RC test happened so fast, so fast that in blinking second we was told that the one-hour duration was timed up. Fortunately it came out that the question is from the notes, everyone happy.

Like I never run before, I run all the way to Building 21 for SBE test. The room stink, and the lecturer seems happy to know that I no need to sit for replacement test later so that he can be homed earlier. Someone call me during the test,too bad I ignored that to concentrate on the paper.

Too bad.

It’s the worst case scenario when I learned that the phone call is from a big oil and gas company trying to get me for phone interview, and I can’t believe it I just miss that! Hope that they will call me again in the nest couple days.

Finally, back to hostel, and proceed with the never-ending lab reports.

I went to Malaysian Studies Class, where everyone absent except Jenny and me. It’s boring yet entertaining to hear to those history again.

And my dinner is Alabama Rice from Sayang, suddenly reminded me that I never had lunch today.

Finally, the night was settled down with some ETP stuff and report printing, after all, it’s a tough day with a lot of unexpected things happened.

Still, I don’t like Tuesday, but I know I will get use to it.



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