Sometime, I just miss the old good time when I can sit down and play a whole day of Pokemon.chespin_by_dedhpkmn-d5sv2bi

It’s 12 October 2013. Here come to the beginning of next era. When the reveal of new Pokemon is no longer a thrill, you know that it is not because you are getting older, but it had became part of your life since then.

It is going to take years for me to explain how all these enthusiasm started, but to put it simple, I started from nothing, but a Squirtle.

And many years later, here I am, perhaps it walked me some routes, sometime I lose to battles and meet some new friends.

I remembered how much I love to kept Zigzagoons for picking up random stuff for me, while I occasionally teach them how to surf.

Time flies, new challenges come up one by one, the journey continued with so many fascinating gimmick.

713, I know I will never ever get to catch them all, but it had been a good journey all together.

Thank you, my companion for so many years, shall the feeling remains forever.

If you have come this far, what choice do you have but keep going?

Pocket Monster, always.



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