Vietnam With Love


It takes you a sipping of Vietnam’s coffee to fell in love with the dynamic of this country, but the feelings will shall resonate in your heart, for the rest of your life. Someday after, while you occasionally re-visiting Vietnam, you will realized how much impact it left undone.

It was my first time to visit Vietnam, following UTP trip for the purpose of cultural exchange. There are participants from 13 countries to join this trip. I met tons of new friends, most of them are Vietnamese students around our age. Indeed, we had so much fun along the way.

16 September 2013

16 Sept is Malaysia Day,it explained why there was crowds in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We quickly checked in at the counter for Vietnam Airlines, and have some shopping upon entering the gate. On the plane, Khai Zhen, Kim Keat and me naughtily ordered some wine to be served with the flight dinner. Perhaps the alcohol level is too strong, our faces were blushing and we just can’t stop to laugh at each other.

It took one and half hour to reach at Airport of Ho Chi Minh City, the time there is one hour slower than Malaysia. After we had our luggage collected, we received a super duper hyper warm welcoming from Yue Zhen, Kun and the students from HCMUT at the airport arrival hall. They are so kind and energetic which totally turned us on after one day of long tiring transportation. We all received a Vietnam style hat as first souvenir, and we are fetched by a van to our hotel.

First impression made on this country was made when we are transported to our accommodation. As we observed, this is a country packed with motorbikes on the road. The compound of city was illuminated and lively, The girl there is with fair skin, nice dressing and beautiful face. One more point to be made, most of the Vietnamese are very kind and friendly, they take initiatives to greet us and have some chat. We do feel their overwhelming responses as Yue Zhen is so active on the van to introduce the part of city to us.

We reached at Than Binh Hotel eventually and have a short meeting on the next day schedule before checked into our room. My roommates were Kim Keat, Ben and Shehab and we lived at the top floor, Room 405. Oh ya, the internet speed there is way too fast 😀

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