The Art Of Suffering


Life had been tough to us so far, this semester can be marked as the busiest in the cycle to us.

I just finished four lab reports, one assignment. Over the weeks, not mentioning one group project, two assignments and one interview session.

Running out of time, we are being chased by all these never-ending workloads.

In facts, next week is Raya, our class had came into agreement with all the lecturers to replace all possible classes on Monday and Tuesday. In exchange, we are hectic over the replacement happenings recently.

Squeezing into timetable, squeeze it no matter what squeeze it so hard that we have so many classes, but so less time.

Every once a while, we are the one requesting lecturers to put class into our free slots, even lecturers were so shocked with our initiative.

For instances, the week after the Raya break, we volunteered to have five tests in that particular week, yes, we ask for it.

It sounds like crazy, but it is for the sake of reducing the possibly MASSIVE BREAKING DOWN in week 14.

I am tired of all these thing. The class atmosphere is not good as well, we have 8am class from Monday to Friday(basically, everyday), lead to the predicament of some friends playing truant. We don’t really have much people in class, but now we get lesser.

Not really sure that how much I had learned on this semester, all my days are occupied with the assessment, same goes to everybody else.

There is just one month left to final, perhaps, we just need to keep going.

Because the hour before the dawn is always the darkest, be strong, until we see the sunlight.

Hey August, I will be very nice to you, please do the same to me, please.



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