Superman,Rocker And Babyface

Week 9, almost come to the end. Can you imagine that we had undergone so much trials and tribulations during these periods?

There are so many lecturers teaching us for this semester, some of them are really nice to us. Suddenly, it reach the point to bid adieu to them.

Environment Engineering, first part was carried by Dr. Amirhossein. Settling down in Malaysia, this friendly Iran-nationality lecturer never fail to bring our class atmosphere to the climax. He is strict, expect high attendance and commitment from us, but every act of him motivate and inspire students. No matter what,we like his jokes as well as his personalities, more than any other lecturer.


Foundation Of Earth Structures, once again we encountered with Dr. Baharom. Like a DejaVu, we are so familiar with this kind of super-cool teaching styles. He understand that the content of the course was huge for us, hence filtered out the unimportant part for us. So much understanding, so many real-world experiences sharing. Every once when we are burdened, this wisdom guy remind us of the bright side of this career, push us to move forward.


Hydrology, for the first time being taught by a Chinese lecturer, Dr. Teh. But that doesn’t means that he is biased to anyone in class. With a highly organized and systematic teaching manner, he deliver the lecturer in a very effective way. The note was ready, and he is ready to help student in the study. Overall, a best word to describe this person is “neat”, with much respect.


Thanks Sir, we do appreciate.



2 thoughts on “Superman,Rocker And Babyface

    1. Haha,at least he will stay with us until the end of this semester,these lecturers mentioned above are those finished teaching us.
      Yeah I totally agree,Prof Kurian is also very very good lecturer 🙂

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