Simple Present TENSE

Life is not that bored after all, during the past two weeks everything seems so relax.

In conjunction with two consecutive weekends with holidays, I went to the town for several times, to sing K, to watch Fast 6, shopping, celebrating birthday, night market, ate delicious chop, make sushi at senior’s house, went to the newly opened Billion, mamak and lots of chilling outing with friends.

Here we come, week 3.

When tension is defined.

Six subjects I am taking for this semester, just a brief review, I will able to touch at different fields of study in civil engineering, from the water(hydrology) all the way into the soil(foundation and earth structure), along with the concern on environment(environmental engineering), as well as the physics on structure(structural analysis) and deeper perspective into one of the most important materials in construction(design of steel structure).

Meanwhiles, I am forwarding engineering economics and entrepreneurship from next sem, and the last co-q part is coincidentally entrepreneurship.


5 core subject plus one management subject plus one co-q  is so going to blast me out, need to pay a little bit more of attention in class this sem and perhaps, more independent to initiate myself. Challenge accepted.

Tired? Sort of, but I am glad to back for study after so long, seeing the old faces, carrying out the daily routines and learn new stuff.

Okay, I am a nerd. Not guilty, but shouldn’t that be a good thing when “reading” is one of your hobby?

Cincai lah, not that important to be scrutinized.

So far so good, and lastly, third year student, howyeah suddenly feel so old!



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