Stay And Leave

My fourth year of study in UTP kick-off with big decisions whether to continue or not in the effort of retaining previous commitment.

It was huge for me, because bond and responsibility had been developed throughout these years.

Everybody got his turn, and it’s my time now.


Wednesday night, Nguong Seng and me took a stroll all the way to lecture hall for the first meeting by Heart Of Tronoh.

It was glad to back to the team after the long-break, there was plenty of new faces in the room; mostly, the newbies who had just entered the university.

Self-introduction, with a random fact. I told on my hydrophobia and the swimming classes. Ha ha ha, way too stuttering in my English after the break.

“Working in HOT is all about dealing with strangers, just like what we did now isn’t it?” Joyce winked.

Yeah, aggressive and confident strangers, as what I observed.


The ice-breaking session carried on with briefing and movie screening.

During the show, light off, I was thinking on the reason why will I eventually decide to stay in the team despite of my seniority among the team.

It didn’t take many time to get to the answer: writing is what I love isn’t it? That’s why I enjoy so much being a reporter and columnist(for that only one time), seeing the news being published in paper, and show it proudly to my parents despite they don’t understand the language.

It feel good, when you have passionate and have the chance to make it happens.

I will just need to keep going in HOT, and stay hot.


Allright, what should be clarified here is that I am leaving nowhere in RACUTP, just that my term was ended and I am nothing more than an “outgoing Vice President”.

It reach the time that, you have to let it go and pass on the great efforts to the next generation.

Yesterday marked the annual general meeting for the club, it was glad to see the new Board Members were so energetic and  fueled up to led the RACUTP in the bright future.

It reminds me on the time I just stepped into this club, from a member to a committee, from a committee to a director, from a director to a HiCOM.

People like Jaycy and Loosen was there when we first entered this club, can’t believe that now we are retiring together!

It had been three years and so much funs and meaningful events I had participated.

Doubtless, Rotaract Club had bring a lot of new perspective in life to me; meeting and working with people, visiting places and conducting awesome projects.

It was indeed a life-time experiences.

I went to Rotarian Arthur and express my sincere gratitude to him toward these years, he has always inspire us in his speech and I respect him so much that still feel a bit shy to tell him what I appreciate him for.

Let’s end it with a big smile ya, klick!


Rotaract Club: 2010~2013, with tons of good memories.
Tenure ended, but nothing changed, still the best club in my heart.



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