Not A Happy Wesak Day


What can be even disastrous when you are having diarrhea during a public holiday?

It was a long night yesterday that I barely made it to the morning. My stomach is stirring all the way, urging me to frequently ran to the toilet.

It was totally awful, suffering.

Drinking a lot of water to replenish what I lost, I went to the clinic to see the doctor in the morning.

There is a new doctor that I had never meet before, he was friendly and meticulous, remind me of my Physics teacher, Mr. Rajeswaran back to high school.

I talked to him on my story being there.

“So it was the cafeteria’s nasi lemak right? I doubt that the sambal is the reason. But one doesn’t simply call a nasi lemak as nasi lemak without a sambal.” Doctor.

I burst into laugh.

He gave me some medicines, as well as some kind of dissolved salts to be consumed in warm water.

My stomach is still upsetting even though I had taken the med and slept enough during the afternoon, but at least I feel better.

Hope for a better tomorrow? Definitely. Happy Wesak Day? No way.



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