Grey Zone



It had been a month since I started, the swimming class was carried on with an awe.

I had some hard time in learning the most critical technique: breath while lifting the body, because it requires all the body movement being synchronized.

Few days ago, when I finally mastered it, I was really glad.

But on the next days, everything screwed up again; Coach increased the water volume to make the pool deeper. The feelings is like, everything went wrong while you thought you had gotten it.

Hence, I restart and try my utmost in conquer the thing.


Mean whiles, I am learning the basic on diving, it is totally different stuff as compared to swimming, but at the same times possessing many similarities.

In facts, next week will be my last five classes, hopefully, I can do better.

If you asked me that whether had I learnt how to swim already or not, I may not knowing the answer as well.

Swimming, is way too subjective.

It depends on how you define the terms, and for sure, everyone has different approach.

There is no black and white in such thing, learnt or not learnt, good or bad, for me, I prefer a standpoint between the two extremes. Grey zone.

No matter what, everyone is giving the definition on behalf for the best of oneself and for those who concerns.

When the time had come, still, we will need to make the decision.

Do not be affected by the words of others, do not afraid of claiming your own view, be yourselves. Follow your heart, because everyone deserve a beautiful life ^_^

So Monday is my next class. Who know, it may turn into a big day, swim perfectly perhaps?

And we will see.

All the best, dear Malaysia. 🙂



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