Reconnected With A Teacher

I never thought that I will ever have a chance to meet Mrs. Tung, until today, when I went to her house.

The instant when I saw her, she is still the kind-looking Science teacher, but she had grown older, with lesser hair and crow’s feet on her face.

We chat.

Indeed, I was there to request a seat for my younger sister’s Science class, she made an unpredictable expressions upon hearing my proposal.

She told me, since few years ago, she had expanded her class capacity from thirty during my time to seventy now. Since that the room at her house can never accommodate that amount, she had rent a room at Pintar, but all the students intake are strictly controlled by her. She said she is fierce now, scolding the talkative students in her class.

I barely believe that “fierce” will ever be used to describe this Good Samaritan, but I know she is serious on her words.


And thankfully, she agreed to take my sisters with her and despite that she will not entertain any request from others.

Maybe, on the behalf of this skinny boisterous ex-student.

I bid adieu to her and made an appointment to bring my sisters to her next class.

Sort of missing those precious Wednesday night class with Mrs.Tung, she is such a good presenter in three languages for us to understand the mystery of Science world, especially those newbies to the secondary school. I hope she will always hale and hearty to nurture the spirit of learning among juniors nowadays.

Science, bring people togethers, reconnected faded relationships.

Nothing, but everything change.



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