SugarBun Beepee

<Disclaimer:This is not a restaurant or food review, just some experience and personal thought during a gathering dinner.>


So SugarBun had opened their first ever franchise in West Malaysia despite that it had grown tremendously in the East side of this country.

And out of expectation, they start the business here from Batu Pahat, my hometown.

Due to a favorable experiences at Sugar Bun during my visit to Bintulu last January, I recommended friends to whet their appetites here.

Hence, we were there.


The location are strategic as it has large flow of peoples around Taman Bukit Pasir, while the setback is the difficulties in finding parking slot.


“SugarBun” is a very new terms in the town, hence its arrival had attracted throng of peoples which cause a long queue in front of the counter.


Having said that, we realized that the workers acted slow compared to other fast food restaurants, which consume quite some time to serve a customer. We waited for almost 20 minutes just to order the food, and another 15 minutes for the food to be sent to our table.

Sorry to say that, but it’s seriously slow.

It is nice to know the menu is vast, so many foods for us to pick, we choose the meals served with popular fish and chips. The price is reasonable and indeed, cheap enough to beat the competitors.


And it is delicious and sumptuous, no doubt it earns the name of renowned fast food restaurant in East Malaysia.

For the facilities, it has simple layout and design. Some table are equipped with the “frame and spotlight”, not sure on the purpose, perhaps for attractive photo shooting?


Overall, SugarBun Batu Pahat has nice and affordable food(at least, for the fish and chips meal set) but it not really “fast” food, because most of the customers wait long.

Will it survive after the initial state? Hmm, we will see. But it is definitely good for people here, to have another option when craving for nice food.

At last, here is something I found during a small research into this topic beforehand:


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One thought on “SugarBun Beepee

  1. i’ve tried it before while i was visiting Sibu few weeks ago…i am so addicted to this Sugar Bun and i am so sad that we only can found it in sarawak. but now, as they opened it at batu pahat, i’m so happy. although i live in shah alam, i stil can have it at batu pahat becoz my hometown was there. at least i dont have to fly to sibu to get it.hahaha…..thumbs thumbs thumbs up for sugar bun….will they open it here?shah alam, at least?(hopping)hahaha

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