In The Water

With much anticipation, my swimming classes came to a dazzling start yesterday.


The coach is definitely a nice guy. Talking softly, he explains every single move in details to me. He is sort of good teacher, using analogy with some physics theory for a better understanding.

In addition, he sprang into demonstration and ensure me to follow what he did.

As a totally noob in water, I begins with dipping the head into the water and blow out bubbles using the nose, and slowly, proceed to floating, and then some moves based on the breast stroke(frog style).

Step by step without hurry, coach keep remind me that he is with me, do not be afraid(of dying there>.<). I think he sense my anxiety, and hence he told me that only relaxing in the water can make me float.

And it’s true. With the coach beside me, I try my best to enjoy the movement of water, and miracle happens; I did so much better in holding the breath and floating.

Everything get easy afterward. Now, with only the second lessons, I start to learn the legs and head synchronize movement for the breast stroke. And the length of time holding breaths increase as time goes by.

You can’t imagine that few days ago, and for my entire life since I born, I don’t even dare to put my head in the water for more than 5 seconds, not even once.

And now, I am practicing it with much passionate to learn swimming. I must say, I got a good coach who give me much sense of security and proper guidance. I am so looking forward for the upcoming classes.

The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.

by William Arthur Ward

And you are all, thank you coach!



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