Job,Camera and Swimming Classes


Everything is back to routine one week after the holidays vacation to China. Meanwhile, I am still here, enjoying immensely in the long break. This post is written to describe some sparks of the life recently.

Firstly, I had resigned.

Yes, I means the job which I had mentioned previously. I called and told my uncle my thought immediate after the China trip, perhaps is due to the laziness of mine especially after such a big relieve in overseas. The working environment is some sort of harsh, which made me questioned myself in often, “do I need to push that far while I was shouting frantically that I need a leisure holiday at the beginning?”

The answer is obvious.

Hence, I quit the job. At least, I am willing to accept the challenge and had been contributing in sweat and toil for half a month. Indeed, that was a life-time experience, satisfied enough.

At the same time, I found myself a new job today, where I went to an interview this morning and got recruited. It will be a part-time promoter during PIKOM PC fair. Guess what? The venue is not at Batu Pahat, but at KLCC !

Next, the DSLR camera which I had been blown out of proportion since few years ago.

This time, I am so sure that I gonna to buy one! It was funny to recalled back my initial target was actually Nikon D3100 as it was a marketing topic I had worked on while some interest was developed in this model. I change the target to D5100 few months later as my roommate own one. But D3200 and D5200 soon occupy my heart later. Then, I realized that mid-range D90 and D7000 are better options with enough budget. Possessiveness, if only I had the power to control mine, haiz.

When I was so confident that I am gonna to make order on D7000 few days ago at a local camera retailer, the salesman let me try out the latest D7100…

The feeling is totally like:


As the saying goes, “tidak cuba tidak mahu, sekali cuba hari-hari mahu.” That was such an elegant and well-built DSLR! I was pretty tempted up to purchase it. Considering my budget, I ask the salesman for some more time for me to make decision.

So what will be the outcome? Soon we will see…

Last but not least, I signed up for swimming classes today. I did that through a phone call with the coach. He told me on the venue, fees, details and the first tutorials time on the line. Frankly speaking, I am looking forward to learn swimming and I hope at least to master the basic before the holiday end.

Nevertheless, I got to buy myself a swimming trunk, haha

That’s basically what’s going on around me recently, it’s glad to know that more are coming 🙂



2 thoughts on “Job,Camera and Swimming Classes

  1. Lololol someone copied my vocab! But frankly it’s not really the correct usage la. 😛
    Anyway, enjoy your holidays! After all it’s not like we can have a break anytime we want. 🙂

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