The Brave Rice


In true Johorean beriani-style, the colourful long-grained rice is immersed and cooked with assorted spices; not overly powering but the fragrance of the rice definitely whets the appetite. Nasi beriani gam means that the meats are cooked with the rice, whereas for normal nasi beriani the rice and meats are cooked separately. The photo shows the dishes being served with dhal curry, pickled cucumber and chilli, be ready to whet your appetite.

Hmm, it was the lunch I had this afternoon, prepared by a Chinese Hawker around in my living town.

I never realized that Nasi Beriani is considered a famous food in Johor until I searched it online. However, this post is not written in order to describe how noble it is, but to reminiscence the secondary school life when Nasi Beriani is a significant part of our memories.

During the yesteryear, Nasi Beriani is a MUST whenever there is any Majlis conducted in my high school, and it will be given free for the participants. And hence, we, the naughty and greedy bunch will always feel like being granted the ultimate pleasure every time, if  we are invited to taste this dish served with spiced chicken.

Hence, Nasi Beriani is a symbol of high-class, delicious and luxury.

I remember Ming Liang golden quotes:”Eat as much as possible since it is free!(bu chi bai bu chi)”. Since then, whenever there is free foods or any buffet, we will bring out this phrases and eat crazily, and laugh endlessly like there is nothing to worries as long as these people are by your side.

Even in the High School canteen, one plate of Nasi Beriani sold at RM2.50, which is the most expensive among the foods there, and we will only buy it occasionally but not everyday. Maybe the price is a little bit more expensive, but having the chance to order a plate of Nasi Beriani is satisfactory enough to make our day.

Now, those simple life faded, we can spends hundred bucks in meals unconsciously and not even feeling contented with that.

People grow, and become unaware of what we pursue after all. Sometime, we are just too greedy on everything.

And that is the moment when we lost everything.

Getting back to the topic, I used to visit a renowned Nasi Beriani stall often with Vincent during the rushing time of tuition after school. It was a Chinese Stall at the Bus Station Hawker Center.

The business was run by a man and his mother. I remembered how spicy is the chicken curry, to be served in a separate plate with the rice, yet we are enjoying the sumptuous meal totally. We not even willing to order drinks so that we can save up the money. To be honest, those memories are always unforgettable even though time passed so fast.

To end this post, Nasi Beriani carries an important role in my Secondary School, at least, this food reminds me of my best friends all the time. If given the chance, let’s go eat again together lah!


Thank you, the bravest rice in our life. #Bravo always



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