The Temporary Farewell

The best feeling ever when you finished the final exam,and got the chance to hang out with bunch of batchmate…

And go eat BUFFET!

4 months holiday officially start when the last paper finished off on yesterday evening, we quickly dressed up and setting apart to Ipoh for our farewell dinner.

Happy journey on my roommate’s car, and we are among the latecomers while everybody else were already there.

That was my second time in Moven Peak,a renowned buffet restaurant in Ipoh: serving halal barbeque and steamboat, and unlimited ICE-CREAM!

We start to grab on our foods, using left hand to flip-flop its on the barbeque plate, while the right hand is busy handling the steamboat.

There were plenty of extraordinary ingredients, and we just picked our favourite to cook and trying on some new stuff.

Our dining table is occupied by 14 people, while there was another two tables, 34 people sure make the world turning upside-down, especially those who was just released from the hassle of final exams.

The eating session never stopped until Loosen calling us up for the “Confession” session, haha, since that it was a night designated to farewell with ICT and BIS students, Chasith, Bobby, Woei Luen and Kien Ping were the victims XD

And we shall keep the secrets they shared to ourselves,Shhhhhh…

After that, the thing get really serious when others were calling to get involve in the confession, but it was really a life sharing moment we had together, gonna missing smiles somewhere during our holidays.

The dessert time! It was another story with Ice-cream, soft drinks and sweet soup, we eat like never ate it before XD

Before we go back to UTP, a group photo is taken at the big staircase there while 34 of us totally blocked the way for other to move on, our car go back first after making our payment.

Guess what?There is a GONG CHA franchises newly opened in Greentown, the greatest news ever, we dabao there and sipping the wintermelon tea along the way back.

The night is not ended yet as we went to Chancellor Hall for freakingly-awesome photo taking session! That was indeed a very memorable part because we did posture like “UTP” and “<3” with the number of people we had, it was hard to organize the shape but we did it splendidly:)

Conclusion: Most probably the last gathering with all these friends before we are heading to 4 months break. The night is fully filled with warmth and laughter, and foods in our stomach. It will be quite a long period before we met again on the May Semester, but I believe everybody gonna to have a blast in the upcoming months. For BIS and ICT gang, congratulations for going internship soon, hope to see you all during September when you all had undergone the real world working experiences. Thanks for the night, see ya my dear friends!



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