Zoo Taiping And Bukit Larut

Just a thought and summary from my Recreational And Adventure camping taken place at Taiping last week.


Setting up tents is sure fun, the foods provided is far more better than expected, toilet also not bad but I encountered a small cockroach, learning the ropes knotting is challenging, sentries shift is tiring but thankfully Ashely borrow me magazines, and afterall, UTP looks like heaven comparing to the camp life there.

One more thing worth to be mentioned is, Joshua squeezed all his energy in this camp,I believe this shall be one of his best moment in life, congrats my friend, we all saw your hardworks there 🙂

Meanwhiles, we nightwalk at the Zoo Taiping, so many animals and it really made us excited all the way. It’s totally different experience with those we usually watched in the day time. New perspectives into these creatures, I wondered that how many time had I shout:”So cute!” that night.

The next day we continue our adventure by jungle trekking and mountain climbing Bukit Larut. The expedition is cool and thrilling. Some part of the jungle really need us to fully utilised our hands and legs. 12km back and forth, I enjoyed the journey with friends, but it is seriously absorbing every single tinge of energy we had.


And we are back to normal life, time for working on the log book, until next time, see ya!



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