Became Traffic Police

It was a bright and delightful morning,we gather at UTP gate so early that even the car seems less. Breaking through the mist, the cool breeze lit up our day and the tiredness gone.

Anticipating, for the collection of transportation data 😀


It’s not very soon,actually it start even late than predicted. Our kind GA friendly giving us a life-time briefing which took so long. We merely split among ourselves into three groups, and start to do the data collection.

Our group:Me, Kim Jie, Jenny, Seh Hui, Ah Jie, Kenric, Ah Ho, Joshua, Shafiq, Syahmi and an international student.

While Ah Kok leading his group like a boss~


Our first station is the junction counting, there are 6 direction which further divided into three class of vehicles, which means we need to handle 18 data sheets in total.

Mr.Sun is shining, providing a sumptuous meal of Vitamin D to our skin, Ah Jie suggested us to pull up our sleeves to have an equal skin tone without the aids of SK II, and we do so, becoming…


And we continue to play while counting the traffics, I got the secret weapon…counter which make my task easier~


Sometime, umbrella can be secret weapon to shield ultra-violet too..


We do the counting for 4 consecutive 15-minutes, which spent around 1 hours to complete, and Yee Hong brought Kah Soon and Jia Jie came, teaching us how to operate radar gun…


With full blessings from Radar Gun Master, we quickly proceed to second station,on the pedestrian bridge. Playing with Radar Gun is very interesting, it can record the spot speed for the vehicles down there.

Just like miracle, some car simply drive at 260km/h as reported by the gun XD

We pretend like a traffic police, using my “camera flash” to capture the cars passed by, some of them indeed slow down!


Haha, bad kids after all, but it is really interesting up there, we speed up the data collection with Joshua’s magic, and left the bridge for our final station, the carriage way volume counting.

It was almost 11am and the sun mercilessly scorched our skins, we walked sluggishly toward the petrol station for some drinks.

And sat down,start collecting data INSIDE THE PETROL STATION.


It was so dangerous that I was worried to get scold by the GA. But he came, didn’t stay anything, hence we go back inside the Mesra and continue our very-last volume counting.

And sometime, keropok and marshed potato just popped up from nowhere…


And it culminated when we walked back to the main gate, returning the apparatus to dear GA, and went back hostel to have a nice sleep^.^

Nice sleep?Ya, I shall have it now Zzzzzzzz


Thanks coursemates, you all are the people who made the activity becoming so interesting and meaningful, you might notice that I put all of your photos up here, because I do care 😀

So it’s been kind of a long road, but it was a good journey all together.



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