Genting With Toddler

A toddler is a child between the ages of one and three.The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development.

A toddler enlighten your trip will full of joy. Hence,my family went Genting with this cute baby:

Nothing much update,just that I got the chance to go Genting with Family due to school and public holidays.

This place is lovely and hectic as always, and there was great offer for clothing with up to 70%, we grab a lot of good stuffs. Aunt, cousin and Wen Wen(the cute baby) followed our car for the trip as well.

Wen Wen is so adorable, still in the stage of learning to speak, he is pretty amazed by the facilities, walking around and having lotsa of fun.

Upon getting the “permission” from mum, I brought my younger sisters to the outdoor theme park for some rides which they never tried before, including the pirate ship, flying dragon and the rolling swing, they were so excited that shouting and screaming along the play.

That’s all for the update, and I am back to school, time to work hard again ^.^


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