11/11, quite a good-looking date,skipping off all those lazy excuses and lengthy openings, let’s see what had been occurring since my disappearance in this site…

Firstly, I went to Legoland with friends, bunch of them: Roommate, Crispin, Ah Ho, K.Kong, Daphne, Michelle, K.Ting, Aaron, Woei Luen and Yien Yi. They were heading down for JB vacation upon mid-sem break while I am the lucky guy joining them halfway due to the short distance within my home. Legoland is definitely fun, but it will be a lot fascinating to the younger generations than us. Good live show, water game, and the roller coasters are nice, plenty of spot made of Lego was prepared for us to take photo. We went there for a whole day. Nice memory for the first visit, thanks guys! 🙂

Johor is quite hot for a theme park

Then it’s the time to go back UTP for the next half of semester. I was among the earliest to reach UTP, for the sake of Theory Of Structure reports. I should said that it was the most tiring reports I ever encountered with and I put in 100% of efforts in doing it, thanks to Seh Hui who helps a lot.

And the assignment is never-ending despite that we were having mid-sem break.

Just a glimpse into where do I live now,messy hehe

Then just like a miracle,the week 8 passed so fast that I don’t really feel like we had went to classes, perhaps it was due to the reasons that we will have another one-week break afterward, and the lecturers all press their lazy-mood button to switch it on.

Our course are among the luckiest groups because for the coming Week 9, there will be no class at all upon the agreement with lecturers XD

Among these period three tests came cascading, and all of these are the Test 1 for our core subject. Transportation And Engineering Planning was kind of tricky and picky, I answer carefully but some part crack my head; Following up by Geotechnical Engineering, we were all feeling good with the paper, perhaps its positive power will bring us facing a bright side of this semester; Theory Of Structure is challenging, but luckily it not touching the toughest part yet, I did some careless mistake, should bang my head to the wall :X

Another geotechnical lab about soil permeability

The week ended up with the Barbecue during the Friday night. It was organized by Rotaract Club as an attempt to make the club activities more versatile instead of the old ways. Well, being the one who incharge of the grilling was indeed thrilling, and we had a lot of good times with other Rotaractors, happy and contented. However, the bad side is the charges are bit of expensive for such an amount, I don’t really think that others will feel what they paid worth the cost. Anyway, it’s the first time and we have far more to be improved 🙂

This photo is officially taken by AES in UTP XD

And the last thing for the packed week, Recreation And Adventure class on Saturday morning. So glad to meet a Good Samaritan- Deng Deng Deng Deng~Mister~Ong Kim Keat! For fetching the bicycle trio to the class. As usual, the class is not the class, but we should never ever disagree that it is not a class, hence, we had the class.

My mind is at home during the class

Then I was back, on they way, as usual having Kim Jie as companion(Pluslinermate), we talked a lot. Traffic jam at Tol, raining, and the poor us trapped on the way back. Upon reaching Tasik Selatan, it was devastating to hear that the bus to BP left the 10.30pm trip, thus, waiting at bus station for 4 hours with Hong Kong Drama and cookies =)

My degree of loving this place depends on whether I am going Johor or Ipoh

Reached home at 2.00am, and end this hectic week.

Week 8, finished with a longer holiday, must play gaogaolat!


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